OCTOBER: National Bullying Prevention Month

As we quickly usher in November, we'd like to take a minute to reflect back on campus
happenings during the month of October. 
Our school committed to showing our support for National Bullying Prevention Month through different outlets. Check how we encouraged each other to stand against bullying on our campus!

Student Leadership and Art Club worked together and created a fence display!

Junior High students designed and "posted" positive Instagram messages
on the hallway bulletin board. 

Staff and students wore blue to show they stand against bullying!

At LCS, we take bullying seriously. 
Our goal is to encourage our students to take that brave step in becoming an up-stander and not just a bystander. As we spend time engaging with our students on this topic, we hope the conversation extends to your homes and into our community. 

We have resources for you! If you would like a copy of our Parent Guide from Axis on bullying, please email ngrauman@lodichristianschool.org

It's time to turn our words into actions. 
Join us in praying our students, our staff and our families can work as a team to end bullying!


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