It's Advent at LCS!

December is here... Advent is about to begin!

This year, from December 2nd to December 24th, we will celebrate the arrival of Jesus.
As we take time this month to participate in the season of Advent, you may be thinking of a few new traditions for your family. 

After my last email with the Axis Parent Guide to Advent,  many of you responded with your own traditions and new ones you're planning for this season. It was fun to hear how you celebrate! 

Below are a few Advent traditions you shared with me. Plus a couple extra! I pass along these stories and resources in hopes we can all take time these next few weeks to simply enjoy what Christmas really is all about. 

This fun approach to Advent challenges you to conspire against the 'normal' Christmas craziness and instead, choose to focus on the joy of Advent. This is what our Junior High students are studying in chapel! 
Head to their website for access to several resources. 
Our two favorites are available if the office if you need a hard copy. 
Reading List-enjoy reading from the Bible each day with your family
Advent Calendar-this can even be used as bingo! Try to see how many activities your family can check off together!

The Kent Family shared the enjoy reading together as a family. 
Download this free Advent devotional from Focus on the Family.  There's daily scripture and activities for all ages!

This devotional spends time focusing on the different names of Jesus, one day at a time. You'll not just read, but be offered challenges, prayers and ways to study each name. 

This is a favorite in my home! This wooden nativity comes with a book that tells the story of the star. Each day you can hide the the star for your kids to find! (It's a great alternative if you need a break from that pesky elf on the shelf!) Once the star is found, you can take time to read an Advent devotional or prayer for the day.  There's no surprise where the star is found on Christmas morning. Despite the spoiler alert, it's exciting to wake up and see the star in it's rightful place!

The Machado Family shared this tradition all the way from Germany! Thanks to their foreign exchange student, they now celebrate with this awesome candle holder. Your family can enjoy lighting a candle each Sunday and watching the heat spin the top!

If your family starts a new Advent tradition or has one you'd like to share, we want to know about it!  Use #LCSadvent on social media. 

Happy Advent!
-Nicole Grauman

If you need another copy of the Axis Parent Guide to Advent, email me!


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